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#以次指摘皆来自redditon:巴塞罗那官方颁布梅西不复续约 lordvelaryon 9 hours ago* stickied comment"despite an agreement having been reached between fc barcelona and leo messi and with the clear intention of both parties to sign a new contract today, it cannot be formalised due to economic and structural obstacles (spanish la liga regulations)in view of this situation, lionel messi will not continue to be linked to fc barcelona. both parties deeply regret that in the end it will not be possible to fulfil the wishes of both the player and the club.barça would like to thank the player for his contribution to the growth of the institution and wishes him all the best in his personal and professional life".“纵然巴萨与梅西仍旧完毕和议,而且两边在即日都有签订新公约的精确企图,但因为财经层面和构造层面包车型的士遏制(西甲联赛规则),该和议没辙正式奏效。”基于这种情景,梅西和巴萨缘尽于此。两边均深感可惜,球员和俱乐部的理想最后都没辙得以实行。巴萨感动球员对俱乐部兴盛的奉献,并祝贺他在将来的生存及工作生存中饱经风霜”。(之上征引自巴萨官方证明)el_mandem 4101 points 9 hours agotime to put that 100m to good use villa.阿斯顿维拉,是功夫把尔等新挣的那一亿拿出来捡条大鱼啦。levndrodev 1258 points 8 hours agowhat’s your return policy不急,能聊聊尔等的退货策略吗【曼联】braddf96 10.1k points 9 hours agogrealish trying to find his contract as quickly as possible before pep gets ideas格拉利什正在急迫翻找他的转会公约,免得瓜帅心血来潮【皇马】10b-5 5481 points 9 hours agogrealish fails his medical examination. for undisclosed reasons.格拉利什未能经过转会体格检查。因为不明。tuckbigfech 7620 points 8 hours ago223he was diagnosed with not being messi他被确诊为:生而不为梅西【阿森纳】cynicayke 3249 points 8 hours agoa serious affliction that affects over 7 billion people.寰球有胜过70亿人正蒙受这一恶疾的搅扰。【博卡青春】gonzalor87 1543 points 8 hours agoi should get tested也给我查查吧momsaysimhandsome09 927 points 8 hours agowe can perform the test online.are you messi?这个检验和测定咱们在线就能做。你是梅西吗?gorillaradio88 762 points 8 hours ago........yes……是eros_omorfi 671 points 8 hours agofailed.滚。hoop28 3048 points 9 hours agomessi's phone showing 50 missed calls from pep梅西的大哥大上这会儿有50个来自瓜迪奥拉的未接复电【曼联】hamiltonfai 910 points 6 hours agopoor aguero, just wants to play with his buddy不幸的阿圭罗,不即是想平平常淡融洽基友一道踢个球么groundbreakingwalk41 813 points 7 hours ago*unread message from pep: “leo baby, remember the magical time we had together?”来自瓜迪奥拉的未读消息:“里奥宝物儿,还牢记咱们在一道时的幻想时间吗?”【热刺】tenacious-g 4436 points 9 hours agoharry better get his ass back to training.凯恩还不知趣点滚回顾演练。9198kerrakpo 5474 points 8 hours ago*espn in shambles. they just got the la liga tv rights here in the states. $1.4 billion over 8 years.espn慌得一匹。她们方才拿下了美利坚合众国外乡的西甲转播权。8年14亿刀了。【丹麦】dookman 3626 points 8 hours agono reason to watch la liga now that there's no messi or braithwaite.没有梅西跟布雷思韦特,我还看个锤子的西甲啊。7thommo7 954 points 7 hours agobut... there is braithwaite?然而……布雷思韦特不是还在么?【曼联】lordblonde 6774 points 8 hours ago2breaking news: harry kane has just turned up to training at spurs.爆发消息:哈里-凯恩现身热刺演练场。oblakaflockaflame 2914 points 8 hours agoive got duty free for all the boys我给队友们带了些免税商品回顾,大众有份【热刺】agaybuilding 691 points 7 hours agodisneyworld branded golf balls for the lads as an apology迪士尼乐土的高尔夫球,还望伯仲们哂纳,大师就当无事爆发【切尔西】themajdragon 6502 points 8 hours ago*checks source“oh it’s their fucking club site”*让我看看这是哪家野鸡媒介的动静“好东西,是特么官网发的动静”【ac米兰】hass_s 5543 points 9 hours agocity trying to refund graelish right now曼城正在试验对格拉利什这笔订单举行退货【比利时】alfred_27 2065 points 8 hours agogrealish medical about to come in negative格拉利什的体格检查截止怕不是要有题目了mrcstrlh 1775 points 8 hours ago2pep pushing him off the exercise bike as we speak咱们吹水这会儿,瓜帅仍旧把格拉利什推下健身单车了【英格兰】fabulous_hooligan 380 points 8 hours agohe's gonna accidentally fall down some stairs during the medical目测他会在体格检查进程中不料跌落楼梯【阿森纳】2rio2 926 points 9 hours agowe were just joking haha, yes, off you go.咱们本来是恶作剧的啦嘿嘿,对,你回维拉去吧。【奥林匹亚科斯】the_great_crocodile 2660 points 9 hours agoend of an era.meanwhile, didn't aguero go to barcelona in order to play with messi ? that's what i remember reading !一个期间的闭幕。并且,阿圭罗不即是为了和梅西并肩兴办才去的巴萨吗?我归正牢记是这么回事!akshayk904 520 points 8 hours agoyeah that was one of the reasons why messi agreed to staying too是啊,这也是梅西承诺留队的因为之一【丹麦】inthemiddlegiroud 652 points 8 hours agowell, if the move to barcelona keeps him his spot on the national team, i guess he's technically getting what he wanted.这个嘛,即使说转会巴萨保证了他在国度队的场所,那我感触他简直得偿所望了。【尤文图斯】malman21 3043 points 8 hours agograts psg. neymar posted a pic of messi, di maria, verratti and himself on instagram the other day while they were all vacationing, lol.提早祝贺大型巴士黎吧。内马尔此前在ins上发过一张梅西、迪马利亚、维拉蒂和他本人在度假时的合照,嘿嘿。【巴萨】ruud_boltz 538 points 7 hours agooh fuck! completely forgot about that! psg are building a super team now嗷艹!实足忘了这茬儿了!大型巴士黎这是要奔超等兵舰而去啊【法兰西共和国】glorilol95 597 points 8 hours agonasser: hehe纳赛尔(大型巴士黎ceo):呵呵ruben_often_cheats 14.0k points 9 hours ago22holy fuck thats a communicado official!卧了个槽,这然而官宣呐!f0rt1t-ude 3601 points 9 hours agomother of all comunicados官宣中的独一档【莱斯特城】orri 1915 points 9 hours agoi'd laugh so hard if real madrid brought out of communicado oficial to announce messi leaving barcelona.即使皇马也来一条官宣,颁布梅西摆脱巴塞罗那,那我能笑到马上牺牲【普马斯】firstolympicring 1367 points 9 hours agocomunicado oficial: he gone lmaoooo sucks to suck barca官宣:他走人啦哇嘿嘿哈,巴萨你垮台了toucani 611 points 9 hours agodid not expect that. genuinely shocked by this news. city or psg? can't see anywhere else being an option.实足出人意料。看到这条动静我径直原地震动。他会去曼城仍旧大型巴士黎呢?该当没有其余的去向了吧。thurgood_marshmallow 804 points 8 hours agohe’s taking his talents to south beach他会将他的天性带回南海岸【埃弗顿】mantooth77 346 points 8 hours agowelcome to miami | lionel messi | highlights | despacito | 4k欢送到达迈阿密 | 里奥-梅西 | 集锦 | bgm曲目despacito | 4k【布莱顿】obstructiveagreement 809 points 9 hours agothey can't afford him, clearly. unable to sell others and no flexibility from the league means he's gone. crazy.so guess it's city or psg then. that could put a huge dent in kane's attempts to leave if messi ends up with pep again.很明显,巴萨供不起他了。卖人卖不动,西甲也没法通融,结果只能是他摆脱球队。太猖獗了。估量他的下家会是曼城大概大型巴士黎。即使梅西最后跟瓜帅重聚,那将会对凯恩的离队志愿爆发荡漾效力。【西汉姆联】sonofabilic 831 points 8 hours agoi mean, he'd probably fill the grealish shaped hole at villa咱有什么说什么啊,梅东家去阿斯顿维拉填格拉利什留住的空档不香吗cillonen 897 points 8 hours agoimagine being city and signing grealish for 100mil the day messi becomes available.试想你是曼城,而后你在梅西变成自在球员确当天,花了1亿银子签下格拉利什thefatcypriotkid 4939 points 9 hours ago*oh fuck丢雷老母【阿森纳】akshayarsenal 4867 points 8 hours ago*aguero is probably saying the same thing.edit - just saw this. the internet remains undefeated.阿圭罗大约也是这么说的。编纂:方才刷到这图。网友太有才了。thefatcypriotkid 2901 points 8 hours agoimagine thinking you're going to end your career with your best mate as a teammate then he just fucks off.本想着工作生存结果一段路跟心腹并肩前行,截止一转头心腹却走了,你商量商量。gnoetv 1844 points 8 hours agoif he goes to city that'll make it quite amusing really即使梅西去了曼城的话,这笑果就真的拉满了【比利时】alfred_27 729 points 8 hours agofuck totally forgot about aguero, damn but can his deal fall through?我靠,都忘了阿圭罗这档子事了,但他的转会买卖会波折吗?【曼城】captaincourageous316 475 points 8 hours agohe isn't registered yet iirc没记错的话,他还没正式备案吧【曼城】infamy444 321 points 8 hours agocontract signed though. send out on loan?公约倒是签了。要不租出去?【阿森纳】tinhtinh 452 points 8 hours agoi don't think barca would be too concerned if he wanted to cancel his contract.即使阿圭罗想要废除公约的话,我感触巴萨也不太会在意的格式。【塞尔维亚】lazy_summer_days 8565 points 9 hours agogrealish joined city just to get benched by lionel fucking messi lmao格拉利什加盟曼城,就特么为了给梅西打替补,笑死我了【阿森纳】maximus-festivus 3530 points 8 hours agoi’m just here for the awkward kane-spurs reunion我是简单来看凯恩与热刺之间言归于好的为难大戏的【沙尔克04】moneybooy 2179 points 8 hours ago3ima eat my dick if he stays他假如留队的话我就本人筹备食材做个宫保鸡丁【曼城】seventeenfourtyseven 1703 points 8 hours agosaved. this is legally binding btw已截图。这然而有法令牵制力的哦。【印度】aayvam 250 points 8 hours agor/soccer would be waiting所有足球区的网友都坐待开席【阿斯顿维拉】phenomenallyawesome 577 points 8 hours agowas getting benched by pep roulette anyway归正依着瓜迪奥拉做试验的作风,格拉利什去了也跑不掉看饮水机的命【凯尔特人】sjekky 5526 points 9 hours ago*city should pull out of the grealish deal and give the 100m to messi on a big plate曼城该当废除格拉利什的转会,把这1亿元给梅东家送去【阿斯顿维拉】top_agent868 1704 points 9 hours agosorry no refunds对不起,概不退货3threes3 1012 points 8 hours agomessi to villa????那,梅西去维拉????【印度】aayvam 823 points 8 hours agothey do have £100 million to spare…她们此刻倒真实攥着1亿英镑没地儿花……surestascetic 3182 points 9 hours ago2messi, grealish, kane, de bruyne, mbappe - city to claim all five pieces of exodia.梅西、格拉利什、凯恩、德布劳内、姆巴佩——曼城要集齐艾克佐迪亚的十足五张卡。(译注:艾克佐迪亚为《玩耍王》中由五个元件构成的卡组,当五张卡同声集齐时,持有者将在搏斗中不战而胜)egypkr 1447 points 9 hours agounsubscribe.那我径直弃剧。【葡萄牙】jwinter01 868 points 9 hours agocl quarterfinals exit.而后在欧冠四分之一复赛出局【曼城】infamy444 50 points 8 hours agomessi playing lb with no dm again梅西踢左后卫,而且再次不设后腰【莱斯特城】mig362 2522 points 9 hours agowhat the fuck....这都特么啥事儿啊……just_dew_eat 904 points 9 hours agomore like where is he going next???更要害的是,他下一站会去哪儿???【阿森纳】carterxix 1076 points 9 hours agopsg or city i guess大型巴士黎大概曼城吧【曼联】mh18foot 1111 points 9 hours agomessi, neymar, di maria, and ramos in the same team will be the dankest timeline ever梅西、内马尔、迪马利亚和拉莫斯功效于同一支球队,这害怕是最阴曹的一条功夫线了【皇马】vivekwap4 757 points 9 hours agoshould also sign ronaldo while they are at it趁热把c罗也签往日吧【克罗地亚】strananach 955 points 8 hours agoah yes, the 3-1-6 formation啊没错了,3-1-6阵型vivekwap4 678 points 8 hours agowith ramos in the front 6请提防,前场六叉戟囊括拉莫斯jhurley98 922 points 9 hours agothis is gareth bale's league now此刻的西甲,已是贝尔的世界ok-paleontologist275 366 points 8 hours agolmao i forgot he was at madrid now笑到劈腿,我都忘了他此刻在皇马了【切尔西】kazahaki 630 points 8 hours agohe forgot too他本人也忘了吧【曼城】mikethemallet 6532 points 9 hours agosouthampton about to announce a hell of a replacement for ings南安普顿行将颁布一位代替英斯的重磅新援sonofabilic 1788 points 9 hours agoward-prowse will be happy to finally have an understudy on the free kicks沃德-普劳斯想必会格外欣喜,球队总算在主罚大肆球上面给他配了个备胎mh18foot 540 points 9 hours agothe premier league is not ready for the messi-adams partnership英超联赛还没有做好护卫梅西-亚当斯拉拢的筹备【阿森纳】majedtf 3010 points 9 hours ago*let me absorb this.messi is not playing for barcelona anymore and they dump that announcement like it’s nothing!“oh yeah the very best player in history is leaving his childhood team, yeah that’s about it.”我先捋一下哈。梅西不会再为巴萨蹴鞠了,而她们则像没多大事一律马马虎虎扔了个证明出来“哦是的,史上最好球员要摆脱他自小生长起来的球队了,对,就这事儿。”【阿森纳】2rio2 1610 points 9 hours agobarca is taking the breakup hard, trying to act too casual.巴萨本来也在忍耐分别之苦,不过故作轻快结束。【阿根廷】fullmetalj 995 points 8 hours ago"like thanks to the player or whatever"“咱们想对这名球员表白感动,哎哟随意啦”staralfur01 172 points 8 hours agobut secretly crying after looking at messi pics on phone但一回身看得手机上的梅西像片仍旧会悄悄掉泪液【哥伦比亚】idontevendoublelift 3624 points 9 hours agowell fuck me. this is the end of an era and a sad moment for us barcelona fans.我勒个去。这是一个期间的闭幕,同声也是巴塞罗那球迷的伤怀功夫。【巴萨】marcusbrutus2000 815 points 9 hours agoi'm dead inside我的心仍旧死了【巴萨】peter3167 412 points 9 hours agofuck me... i fuckin hate this过于生草……恨死这十足了echoecho25 1124 points 9 hours agoyep. but we will always have the memories and the trophies. hope he gets a proper goodbye from us man.没错。但他会长久具有那些优美回顾和灿烂挑战者杯。蓄意他能跟咱们有一次场合的分别。mejhlijj 776 points 9 hours agoit's sad. his last match for barca was in an empty stadium. fuck太让人忧伤了。见证他巴萨生存结果一场竞赛的,竟是一座空空荡荡的溜冰场。艹【巴萨】echoecho25 1636 points 9 hours agoheartbroken.心碎。【巴萨】marcusbrutus2000 321 points 9 hours agothis hurts more than any cl humiliation这比任何欧冠血案还要令人难过【巴萨】novacelement 872 points 9 hours agoi've grown up watching messi, this feels like a part of me has been ripped out我是看梅西竞赛长大的,此刻发觉我本人的一局部也被活生生撕掉了往期传声筒md22 后院再续点球恶梦,曼乔终临欧洲之巅梅西捧起美洲杯的诀窍?摆脱巴萨!md21 悲情丹麦俯首还家,跳水点球大众喊打md20 缺弓手板牙抱恨点球,咬掌骨呆梨逃出身天md19 大英零封冷艳大众,左翼肖雄再领风流


【沙尔克04】moneybooy 2179 points 8 hours ago3 ima eat my dick if he stays他假如留队的话我就本人筹备食材做个宫保鸡丁


玩梗,更爱好梅西,梅西在大英人气特殊高。是的 上街仍旧能看到穿梅西球衣的

【沙尔克04】moneybooy 2179 points 8 hours ago3 ima eat my dick if he stays他假如留队的话我就本人筹备食材做个宫保鸡丁翻译差点道理



【沙尔克04】moneybooy 2179 points 8 hours ago3 ima eat my dick if he stays他假如留队的话我就本人筹备食材做个宫保鸡丁我特么 我究竟该当夸番邦网友有才仍旧夸翻译有才 笑死我了


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